Lots, in fact millions, of people have been blogging before me. Therefore, they greatly surpass me in experience and Internet savvy, and I give them all the credit they are due. But these trite words that you are reading compose my first contribution to the worldwide web, my first step into putting my thoughts out there for everyone to see. Well, that’s not exactly true, considering I am a rather outspoken person who has been telling people her thoughts since she was old enough to tell them to herself. Yes, I talk to myself, don’t you? Don’t lie.

As a girl I was always enchanted by the notion of telegrams and the distances they traveled to arrive in the hands of their destined readers STOP What a magical system of communication STOP I must admit however that the present day means of communicating through the Internet is considerably easier and certainly magical in its own way STOP I have many journeys ahead and am looking forward to being able to share them with those who are willing to read my particular flavor of prose STOP Rest assured however, I will not be so tacky as to continue the use of the word Stop throughout my blogs STOP I just wanted to try it, for kicks, you know?

Thus my ramblings begin, with silly words and silly musings that probably mean very little to the outside world. I promise to write more direct and interesting posts in the future; forgive me for being unable to overcome the challenge of writing a brilliant first blog EVER. Needless to say I am excited to share with you all, whoever you are (of course I know who some of you are, but leave me my dramatic address), the experiences that lay behind me, ahead of me, and with me as I type.

So let’s dive in, shall we? Here is one tiny tidbit from my day to start us off:
I shall be going to Moscow, Russia, this fall to study abroad with the Moscow Art Theater. Much preparation for this intense journey has been under way, but to give you a recent update, not 30 minutes ago my mother and I purchased ballet shoes, tights and two leotards for the beginning of my ballet training. I may be 20 years old with only three meager years of jazz under my belt, but it’s never too late to dance. And the 5-year-old Lydia that still lives in my soul is aching to start. Ballet?! Please mom oh please oh please! We did buy the extra tall tights, right?

So today, a very special day, I begin to blog, and I begin to be a ballerina. Welcome to the Tall Perspective.