We’re four days into our seven-day stretch of the last week of classes. It’s getting pretty busy. We’re learning a ton from qualitative to quantitative research methods. We’ve had our heads in deep learning about SPSS, factor analysis, discussion guides, sampling, validity and observational ethnography.

We’ve started a research project to understand the different perspectives American and Indian students have on the others’ culture. I’m about to walk into my first interview with a student from MICA. I’m excited to actually sit down and spend some time talking to one of the students. This is my goal for the next few days … spend as much time as I can trying to talk to other students.

It’s difficult to do so when our schedules are so packed with classes, but I want to at least try to sit with some students over meals. I’ll keep you posted. I’m not good at meeting new people because I tend to be shy – believe it or not!

Off to my interview, I’ll let you know how it goes!