I wanted to give a quick update on how our class is going here at MICA. We’re taking a research methodology class with a professor at the Institution.

The professor has some great experience, so we are definitely learning from his real-life case studies. He keeps the class interesting and he has a great sense of humor. I think we are going to learn a lot from his professional experience.

It’s amazing how much diversity exists in this nation. There are well over 300+ languages spoken in the 29 states of India and the culture is so vastly different from state to state. It makes advertising research methodology so important when putting together even just a national campaign.

Most national brands have to put out localized ads for several states in their target demographic in order to appeal to the citizens of that state. For example, the state of Gujarat (where we’re staying) is a lot more traditional in clothing style, whereas the Southwestern states are more Western in their clothing choice – so in order to appeal to both regions the advertisers have to utilize the consumer insights to create effective advertising messages and utilize appropriate advertising appeals.

We’re about to take a week off from class to travel around the country and visit different corporate offices. Excited to see where this journey takes us!

Tomorrow we have our first corporate visit with Wagh Bakri – the number one tea brand in the state of Gujarat and the third largest tea brand in India. Will keep you posted!