k1-Taj.jpg I’m sorry that it’s been so long since my last post. This past week has been a whirlwind of events!

After leaving Jaipur last week we went to Agra (to see the beautiful Taj Mahal) and then to Delhi.

The Taj Mahal was absolutely stunning. We awoke at 4:30 am to depart for the Taj at 5 am. We were not a wide-eyed group until we walked into the gate and saw the beautiful creation that stood before us.

Visiting the Taj at sunrise was an awe-inspiring experience. We all stood there in awe of the structure before us as the jewels sparkled with the reflection of the sunlight.

We did a bit more touring around Agra and then made our way to the station for my first experience on a train! We took the train for a two-hour ride to Delhi.

Again my heart was broken as we walked to our train platform as I saw so much poverty and hurt in the eyes of the people at the station.

k22.jpg Delhi is the capital of India, so we were able to walk around and view the government buildings, which were originally built when India was under rule by Britain.

We got the opportunity to visit the Wieden + Kennedy Office and Ogilvy + Mather. We had such a great time at each agency learning about the way they handle their client list and the type of projects they are working on. It was such a unique experience to sit in with both agencies and learn about how they do advertising and how important it is to really understand their consumers with consumer insight.

I was developing a pretty intense cold while we were in Delhi and it really hit me on Friday morning before we left for our second tour for industry visits. I had a fever, bad body aches and a cold. The director and myself decided it would be best for me to stay at the hotel and rest for the day. I was pretty bummed about missing two industry visits, but I’m definitely glad I was able to use the day to rest and begin to feel better.

We arrived to the domestic airport two days later to fly back to campus, but our flight was delayed for over four hours. We ended up hanging out in the airport lobby for about 7 hours! We didn’t arrive back to campus until 4 am!

We’ve been back to campus for a few days now and are busy at work on our summer project. We have class for the next seven days before we depart for our next journey.

Now daily routine consists of class for five hours, P90x workout with some of the girls, and working on our summer project!