100_05392.jpg I’m closing the fifth day of living in India, and it’s been such an overwhelming experience. We’ve experienced so much in such a little time, and I’m eager to see what is next.

Yesterday we ventured out to Old City Ahmedabad and took a tour. It was such an overwhelming experience. The architecture of the old city was beautiful. We were able 100_0611.jpgto walk around a Hindi Temple and walk through some of the pols, community-style living areas.

This part of the city was established in 1411, and most of the buildings are really run-down. The governing body is doing the best they can to motivate the tenants of the pols in this area to spend the money to keep preserving their homes, but that’s difficult when most of the people living in these areas aren’t making a lot of money to spend on fixing up their home. The architecture of many of these pols is beautiful, with very detailed woodwork.
Though I’ve never been to New York, I definitely think that people have no room to complain about traffic, driving or pedestrians compared to the craziness of Ahmedabad. The rickshaws compete with the motorcycles and buses for the road space, and it’s just craziness everywhere. I definitely would not want to drive if I lived in this country.

We went to this restaurant on the edge of Old City Ahmedabad called The Green House and they served one of the traditional Gujarati meals, and it was definitely a new experience! I have enjoyed trying all the new foods of the area and I am eager to continue exploring the variety of spices and flavors of food while in India.

At the end of the meal they serve these little beatle leaves, called pan, folded up with 100_0617.jpgdifferent spices and herbs inside and it is quite the explosion when you bite into it. They use the pan to cleanse the palette and it was a very neat flavor – definitely not sure how to describe it!

Well, tomorrow we are off on another excursion and I am looking forward to filling you in afterward. There will definitely be plenty of pictures posted!

I ask that you pray for our continued safety as we go out to explore tomorrow and visit busy areas of the state.

Thank you for reading my blog!