Believe it or not, we finished classes on a Sunday morning. Our class group was this morning from 8 to about 12:30, and we even were let out an hour and a half early. Though getting out early didn’t mean being done early; it meant more time to work on our final projects.

The three research groups were busy into the afternoon finishing their project, and finally there was a sigh of relief as each group electronically submitted their research report.

All afternoon was spent frantically making sure everyone could fit their belongings in the luggage they brought to India – some people even had to buy an extra suitcase to bring home gifts! After much strategery, all personal belongings and gifts were packed nicely away awaiting their return to America.

The completion of our course was celebrated with a trip to the local Pizza Hut! Though not my first choice of food while in India, it was still good to have a similar taste from home!

I’m eager to see how the next and final nine days of our time here in India will go. We have two last cities on our tour, and I am eager to see what experiences we will encounter. We have a few agency visits left – including a visit to a large film producing company!

lays-achhi-ambi_1280x1024.jpg Of course, how could we celebrate our last night in Ahmedabad successfully? Of course with a personal rendition of Circle of Life embracing our single bag of “Classic Salty” Lays!

Well, I’ll keep you posted about the next and final leg of our journey. We leave for the airport at 4:30 am – yes, that’s right in about an hour and a half. There has been some loud techno music blaring for the past three hours making it near impossible to sleep.

Until next time – cheers to Ahmedabad! Home in 9 days!