So, we finally made it to India! After making a stop in Newark, NJ and Frankfurt, Germany we embarked on the next 8 hours that would finally bring us to our new five-week home of Ahmedabad, India.

When we got off the plane at the airport we were just overwhelmed by the heaviness and humidity of the Indian air. The fact that hundreds of people were in line to go through customs didn’t help the heat. Though after being on a plane for over 20 hours, it was nice to be able to stand and walk around.

My roommate and I were just in a state of shock of the vast difference of Ahmedabad and Dallas. While on the 45-minute drive to MICA from the airport we were just completely bewildered by the poverty that is on the streets. You see people sleeping on the sidewalks in rows with no blankets to obtain any breeze that comes their way.

The students and faculty of MICA welcomed us so warmly. They presented us with bouquets of flowers and snacks in our rooms. The amenities of our hostel are graciously appreciated. Sofia and I share a room and a bathroom, and we even have our own balcony!

We woke up this morning about 3 hours before we needed to be at breakfast – that’s what happens when you sleep on the plane!

The next few days we will be in orientation, purchasing our international SIM cards, tour the city of Ahmedabad and we’ll even get to visit the local mall! We start classes on Monday afternoon – I’m eager to see how this class is going to be structured, and I’m excited that it’s taught by a professor here at MICA.

I am so blessed to have a roommate who is eager to pray with me. Before we left the room this morning she asked if I wanted to say a quick prayer with her for safety before we started our day.

The journey has finally come to a start – and I am so eager to see what the Lord does with our time here.

Until next time – ciao!