J3.pngToday, unlike other days where we have classes in the morning, we had class at 2 p.m. Many of us were just glad to have spare time in the morning to catch up with the reading, and for some of us, catch some sleep that we couldn’t get due to the final game of the World Cup. After the class, Alison wanted to take a group picture in front of the CUHK gate, so we all walked down to the gate and took some normal pictures as well as some funny pictures. It was fun just being silly.

Oh, I finally tried my box of milk with PB&J. The PB&J was great, but the milk was different. I feel like it had a very strong taste and I took little sips so I wouldn’t upset my stomach. I didn’t get sick, so I guess I can give it another try and see if I get used to that strong taste. Besides, I have to because I bought a six-pack of it to save money. I guess the lesson of the day is to try before you buy a bulk of something new, if possible.