One week has passed really quickly. Today’s lecture was about the Competition & Cooperation of Hong Kong and Neighboring Cities, presented by Professor JF Shen. He compared a couple of neighboring mainland cities – Shenzhen and Guangzhou – to Hong Kong.

He presented us with areas of concern in which these cities compete against Hong Kong as well as how these cities are cooperating with Hong Kong. He gave specific examples with the development of the Shenzhen International Airport and its impact on Hong Kong International Airport, which was interesting to see.

After the class, Alison took the group down to the Central Station to meet with Daniel and Ryan (SMU alumni working in Hong Kong). Daniel and Ryan were very engaging and friendly. We were able to ask questions and get advice on must-do and must-eat in Hong Kong as well as how they manage employees from different cultures and backgrounds. Just listening to their own experience was valuable to all of us interested in the international business world.

Since we were already at the Central Station, we were able to split up into small groups to explore the city and shop. Because I have been wearing my heels all day, I wanted a foot massage and decide to go for a nail spa. Alison was kind enough to guide a couple of us to a spa that she knew and we were able to get the 10 percent discount! We took the trolley instead of the train, where we were able to people watch and just see different parts of the city, which was very exciting!