J-3.png Unfortunately, my host sister had to go to school to study for the college entrance exam so she couldn’t come with the rest of us to go hiking. My host parents took me to Pashan (Mt. Pa) near Xi’an, and we started our hike up the lowest peak at around 10 o’clock.

J-4.png As we were hiking up the mountain, I was able to enjoy the nature and mountain streams and little waterfalls. This reminded me of my last visit to a mountain four years ago. I forget the name of the mountain, but it was my host family who took me on a three-hour hike up the mountain – and on the top of the peak was where I first attempted to ski.

The mountain was endless, and my host mother said that it takes more than a day to hike up to the highest peak. After hiking for a while, we stopped at the mountain streams and got our feet wet and relaxed for a while. Hours had passed, and it seemed like the peak was growing higher as we hiked up the mountain.

Finally, I told my parents to head back down, and I feel like they were relieved that I said that. On the way back, we went to a little village near the mountain for lunch and headed back home.

I had a few hours of rest before my host sister returned from school. My host sister and I went to her favorite Italian restaurant and had dinner. She insisted that she pay (again) and I told her I will be offended if I can’t pay.

I successfully bought my host sister a dinner and we went to KTV (karaoke) for some singing, which was so much fun! We returned home and we exchanged some gifts and talked for a bit and said goodnight.