The weekend passed by really quickly. Some of us had to do laundry, and trying to figure out the laundry machines was somewhat stressful. Thanks to the help of some students, we were able to get our towels and clothes cleaned! They also had these water extractors, which helped the clothes dry faster.

My initial thought was to take some reading and just sit at a coffee shop to read. Some of us decided it would be nice to get some reading done, so we took the train down to the Shatin Station. When we got there, we found out that the ideal environment of a coffee shop with nice slow jazz music in the background with comfortable sofas was nowhere to be found. We were stuck in the middle of waves of people. We just looked at each other, and that’s when we found out the initial plan had failed. We ended up walking around, or literally “went with the flow” of people and made our way back to I-House.