Jina in China

Jina, a senior management major in Cox School of Business, is spending summer 2010 in Hong Kong with the SMU-in-China program.

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Inside the Venetian Hotel

J1.png First group assignment was due Friday but because we had the day off from class Friday, we decided to take a trip to Macau. After handing in our assignments early, we took the MTR to the harbor in order to take the ferry to Macau. One of the ferry companies was having a July promotion so we were able to get a round-trip ticket for only about HKD $100. We took the ferry and after about 45 minutes of the boat ride, we arrived at Macau.

J22.png Venetian Hotel is one of the destinations that many of us wanted to visit, so we took advantage of the free shuttle bus from the harbor to the hotel. As we stepped inside the hotel, we were all amazed by the grand interior designs and decorations. We all walked around the hotel taking pictures. It was dinner time before we knew it, so we decided to eat at a fancy Italian restaurant. I truly enjoyed the food as well as conversations with the company.

After dinner, we walked around the hotel and various shops. We were also able to enjoy hours of live music at one of the lounge in the hotel. Although due to limited time, we were not able to explore the city, but it was great. I would like to go back if I get a chance to, but it seems like the time is flying by …

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