J-1.png I called couple of my friends that I met during my stay in Xi’an and decided to meet with Daisy and Wu for lunch. We went to my all-time favorite restaurant in Xi’an called dingdingxiang.

As most Chinese will do with guests, they ordered so much food even when I told them to order just a little. We talked about old times, and it was good to be back and be able to meet with them. When the meal was over and we were all over our limit, they asked me what I would like to do, so I told them that I would like to go visit the Xi’an city center again.

We took the bus no. 608. It’s the red double-decker that I took all the time when I was going into the city. As I looked out the bus window, my memories played like a movie in front of my eyes. Biking around the old city wall, visiting the drum tower, bell tower, walking around Muslim market, bargaining with broken Chinese … I was feeling nostalgic and happy to be back. We walked around and took pictures and had to say our goodbyes and go back to our life.

J-2.png When I got back home, it was about 7 o’clock, and my host family took me to a nice dinner of hot-pot – the proper “Chinese way” to treat the guest. I am always flattered by their royal treatment, and I told them I will buy them a meal before I leave to show my appreciation.

J-33.png After the dinner, they took me to see the wild goose pagoda, which has changed for the better. It had become more vibrant and lively than when I visited it last. There were so many shops and night lights decorating the traditional architecture, and so many families and couples walking around enjoying each other’s company. I felt like I’d never left and just being able to enjoy each other’s company was a feeling of a bliss.