Today, we visited the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. This is a special district where the top 10 universities in Guangzhou are gathered together. According to our lectures and the tour guide, in recent years, the students enrolling in universities have been rapidly increasing. Universities scattered around the city are having difficulty expanding their universities to meet the demand of students, so the government designated a area somewhat remote to the city center to build schools to serve them. It was interesting to see such a unique concept being practiced.

When we arrived at the Mega Center, we were greeted by local students and a professor. Professor Huang gave us a lecture on Sino-China Economic Relations. It was somewhat redundant because we’ve already heard lectures about similar topics but it was interesting because we were able to gain different perspectives from local students as well as the professor.

After the lecture, we toured around the campus and went to lunch with the local students where we talked about different things. I was so excited to be able to talk with students, and I strongly feel that I was able to understand and gain different perspectives that I cannot gain through textbooks. I truly believe that observing the new environment and talking with different people are the most effective ways to learn, and I was very glad.

After the lunch, we went to visit one of the car manufacturing factories as a corporate visit and were able to observe the manufacturing processes and get to know the local students. The meeting with local students was very brief, but I feel that it was very rewarding. After the full day of traveling within Guangzhou, we were all exhausted and returned to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.