Professor Leslie Young was today’s professor, and the title of the lecture was Macroeconomic Issues in Chinese Economy. The professor was very knowledgeable, and the group members were all impressed at his ability to connect history, economy, finance, culture, and politics. It was an intense three hours of lecture with stimulating ideas and discussions.

After the lecture, we all had a lunch in one of the cafeteria on the CUHK campus. Stimulating discussion from the classroom carried over to the tables of the cafeteria, and we were able to share our thoughts about the lecture. Over the lunch table, we talked about how we should spend the afternoon and decided to take a trip down to the Peak Tram.

As a group, we took the MTR down to Central Station. As soon as I walked out of the exit, we were amazed and overwhelmed by the forest of skyscrapers and the New York-like environment. The Peak Tram was developed originally to provide visitors (of the Peak Hotel) and residents (of the peak) convenience but is now one of the most revenue-generating tourist sights in Hong Kong. About 10 minutes of the tram ride led us into a mall that sold many different souvenirs.

Jina.jpg Out of a handful of restaurants, we chose to eat at the Burger King! I ordered the healthy alternative menu: Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which was so salty it made me wonder why I ordered it in the first place. While eating, I noticed something very unique and odd. Hardly any customers cleaned after themselves, and I wondered why while pushing my tray into the trashcan.

After the meal, we took escalators up to the observatory where we were able to see the harbor, skyline of Hong Kong, and mountains that surrounded the city. It was absolutely priceless to be up in the observatory, seeing the light of the sun being replaced by lights of skyscrapers.