Jina1.png As a part of corporate visit, we visited the Ocean Park today. Thanks to SMU & CUHK, we had a bus come and pick us up from the I-house to go to the Ocean Park. It was about an hour drive, and being able to look out the window to see daily life of people in Hong Kong was interesting.

We arrived at the Ocean Park and were able to look around the Amazing Asian Animal, where we got to see pandas, red pandas, goldfish and more before the presentation.

Todd Hougland, the event and entertainment director at Ocean Park Hong Kong, came to greet our group and lead us into the classroom. He shared with us his experience in the industry and talked about many ambitious plans that the Ocean Park is planning. It was exciting to hear real stories that related to our lectures regarding the relationship of government and businesses as well as different target markets that exist within China as well as around the globe.

Jina2.png After the presentation, we were able to take the cable car up to the Summit of the Ocean Park. On the way to the summit, we were able to enjoy the million-dollar view of the Waterfront. When we arrived at the summit, we walked around for a bit and had a lunch at the Bayview Restaurant, where we were able to sit in the air-conditioned restaurant with the million-dollar view of the waterfront.

The group split up after the lunch and some of us went on the rides, some of us went to the wet zone to cool off, and some of us went home due to exhaustion from the heat.

It was a great experience for me to be able to see the scale of the Ocean Park as well as to experience the potential growth of the park in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong. My personal interest in the entertainment industry as well as the hospitality industry may have made my experience at the Ocean Park more valuable than others. In any event, we all were able to return to our childhood for the day.