Today, we learned about Sino-US Relations and also briefly talked about perceptions that are formed by the impact of media with Dr. Glenn Shive. It was very interesting to see the change and consistency of the relationship between China and US, which has impacted the ways the two countries interact today. After the class, we had lunch with Alison Chan (CUHK Representative of our program).

Over the lunch, I asked Alison if it was common for people not to clean up after themselves in Hong Kong and in China, and I was surprised by an unexpected response. I was expecting her to agree with my confusion but instead she said, “It creates a job and that job feeds a family of four.” Before her response, I just thought maybe it was a result of the One Child Policy and they always had someone who cleaned after them.

But after Alison’s comment, my initial reaction has changed, and now I feel more uncomfortable cleaning after myself because I don’t want to take away a job. It is an interesting change of perception.

After lunch and a couple hours of free time, we met up in front of the bus station in order to go to our first corporate visit to the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park, which was just one bus stop away from the campus. The HKSTP is a facility that was developed in the attempt of the government to encourage research and development of new technology of entrepreneurs as well as foreign investors. We were able to take a tour of an exhibition of developing RFID technology in consumers’ lives as well as supply chain procedures.

Another full day of activities made many of us exhausted, but with the strong desire to experience the Hong Kong night life, we attempted an adventure down to the Central Station to explore the city. We were supposed to have a quick bite to eat at the Shatin mall and go down to the Central area, but found ourselves too exhausted and naturally found our way back home to the I-House for the night.