After preparing for what feels like years, I am actually ready to begin my Iberian adventure! Armed with what I know – way more clothes, shoes and treasured stuff (some might call junk) than what I will need – I am on my way to Spain. My summer program is six weeks long and should be fun-filled and adventure-packed, and I will have more immersion into the Spanish language and culture than I can imagine…And I can’t wait!

I’ve been studying Spanish for many years and am hoping my time in Spain will allow me to become fluent. All I know is Spain has the warmest people, so conversing with strangers won’t be a problem. I went to Spain two summers ago and completely fell in love with it! I spent one month in the city of Salamanca. From what I can understand, Valladolid, my summer city, is pretty similar. It is a small city with a large university population, nice museums and a rich history.

The last time I was in Spain, it won the European championship. That was, without a doubt, the best night of my life. Madrid came to life like I’d never imagined, and everybody was celebrating. Strangers would meet in the middle of a street and hug each other, the roads all but closed down from the massive crowds dancing in the streets, and everywhere you looked, someone was crowd surfing! Needless to say, I am praying hard that Spain will win the World Cup because I’d like to experience all of that again.

I cannot contain my excitement and look forward to getting over there. I’m sure my friends and family are ready for me to stop talking about how excited I am because it seems to be all I talk about lately. I am taking two Spanish classes, which will move me right along with my minor. I plan to do quite a bit of traveling on weekends. I know I’m going to Barcelona one weekend and Rome another – at least that’s the plan. For everything else, I’ll just wait and see what will happen. After this summer, I’ll be meeting my family up north for a Baltic cruise and then return to Madrid for the fall semester. So like I said, I am beyond excited.

Hasta luego USA, see you in six months!!