I’ve just gotten all packed for my trip to Jordan! Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving for Oklahoma City to meet all of the American students that are flying in from all over the country to attend the camp. All of us will then fly to Amman, with a short stop in Chicago.

Today at work at the NCPA we finally finished compiling the evidence for the camp and packed everything we would need to teach debate. Hopefully we remembered everything, but I’m sure we’ll be making several trips to the closest thing to a Wal-Mart near the King’s School in Jordan.

I just found out today that we will be going sightseeing for the last three days in Jordan. For the first day, we will be going to Wadi Rum in the dessert and camping in tents, the second day we will be touring Petra, and on the third we will go to Mount Hebo and the Dead Sea. I’m concerned about the camping, but everything else sounds really great.

I am very excited about diving into a new culture and learning about the Peace Process. I know that I am extremely fortunate to be doing this, and I am really looking forward to all of the knowledge I will be able to bring back.