An update from Adele, a senior sociology major with minors in history and human rights:

023.jpg Today we began visiting Holocaust sites. We first met up with our local guide and went to see the old prison. At one point, this prison had been used to temporarily hold Jewish men waiting to be executed.

030.jpg We then took the van outside of Tallinn to the Kalevi-Litva memorial, where we were informed that about 6,000 Jews and other persecuted groups were killed. While we stood in the snow and looked around at the quiet forest, the enormity of the place struck me.

This site, which most Estonians don’t even know about, also had the only Estonian monument to Romas killed in the Holocaust. The killers, mostly Estonian Nazi collaborators, set up machine guns along the hills and simply shot down the victims in this isolated location.

There are simply no words to describe the experience of standing in that spot.

034.jpg We then went to the monument built to remember those killed at Klooga. This was a work camp until the end of the war. When the Nazis knew the Soviet army was on its way, they began killing the inmates indiscriminately.

Visiting both of these monuments was a little hard to take in.