An update from Jieun, a senior CCPA major and political science minor:

The night we visited the Korean War Veterans Memorial, an old Korean couple offered flowers to the silent sculpted solders. I remember their eyes full of gratitude for those who fought and devoted their lives to people in a country they never knew. “Freedom is not free,” as it is engraved at the memorial.

Jieun.jpg The 19 stainless-steel sculptures at the National Mall & Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C., represent 60,000 American soldiers’ sacrifices for the freedom of South Korea. We, the younger generation, do not remember and appreciate those sacrifices that brought us freedom of today.

Unfortunately, the Korean War between the South and North has never ended, and we might need another sacrifice to end this war. However, the reason that I could smile in this photo was my belief for the bright future in the Korean peninsula – the belief that one day South and North Korea will rise up from their wounded history as a one nation.

That night, we all smiled, waving both American and Korean flags as we remembered their sacrifices; appreciate the freedom that we all have today; and wait for the day that we finally end the war in the Korean peninsula.

(In photo: Students E’Lyn, Amie, Jieun and Gloria with a Korean tourist at the memorial.)