Elizabeth.png An update from Elizabeth, an ethnic studies and pre-CCPA major, with minors in religious studies and Spanish:

It has been so exciting to travel to Washington, D.C., and to learn about all things politics.

The mall crawl we all went to was my favorite. I loved hearing about the history and importance of each monument. Just being there in person was surreal. One of my favorite monuments was that of the Vietnam War. Even though I have no personal connections through family to this war, I had no shortage of personal emotion. The way that this memorial is constructed definitely helps to send a powerful message to all who encounter it.

I was able to connect with the soldiers in different ways. I touched their names, touched the wall and saw my own reflection. It was powerful how I was able to see my reflection on the names of the soldiers; it sent me the message that this could be something that could happen to me.

The monument reminded me of the Iraq war. How was it that this horrible event came to be? How would I feel if a draft were initiated? It would be devastating; I wouldn’t want to lose any member of my family.

The memorial was life-changing. It made me look at things in a different light.