This was it! The moment of truth. I had survived an entire week of Parkland New Employee Orientation, and I was about to discover which department I would be working in for the rest of the summer.

“NIELSON,” the nice lady at the front shouted out.

As I approached the podium, I was excited. It was game time. This is what I had signed up for! I was ready for the challenge. I accepted my manila envelope and calmly headed back to my seat, where I quickly began to scan for my assignment.
“Oh no!!!!”

A dagger to the heart! Literally! Cardiology! For some reason, though, I felt excitement rather than butterflies.

Later that morning, I met both of my bosses, and they both were incredibly laid back and very friendly. Both had the calm look of seasoned veterans. It was obvious they had seen it all and had performed the job to perfection long before I was around. It was that calm look, which patients love to see, that also let me know whatever job I was about to have was going to be an eye-opener.

Just as I was starting to feel comfortable, they told me they were going to send me off to the “Cath Lab” to see surgery before I started my actual job. As I walked toward the Cath Lab, I quickly discovered just what kind of surgery I would be watching. Heart Surgery, on day one. The nice lady was an honest woman.

One thing was for sure, I was going to see it all, and it started now …