Colby3.jpg Done all the tourist attractions … now what?

Colby2.jpg We have been to the Eiffel Tower, Concorde, Louvre twice, Musee D’Orsay yesterday, Notre Dame, Arc de Trimophe, the islands, Sacre Coeur and Montmarte, and La Marais … we have already seen so much of Paris! It was been great. Every area is very different. Some have more cafes than others and some areas are very expensive and other areas very cheap. I like to stick with cheap.

Other things we have done a lot of is eat. I eat a lot here … the food is so good, I am hungry all the time! My French family eats very small amounts, but I always have to get seconds. Dinner is always healthy and simple with a baguette bread and cheese platter. My favorite kind of cheese so far is Cantal … tres tres bon. So many baguettes, croissants, pain du chocolat, macaroons, the list of sweets continues … crepes avec sucre (sugar) or la confiture (jam) … everything is so good. I didn’t know the French had such great food! AND the quiche lorraine – avec fromage et jambon, so good!

So anyway, I walk a lot around Paris as exercise – and to find great places to eat on the cheap! The cheapest places I found so far are around Monteparnasse, which is by Reid Hall (our school) so the student prices are great … and great food – bakeries, Chinese, baguette paninis.

Colby1.jpgSo the hunt continues – best food for best prices. Don’t ever eat around tourist attractions – too expensive!

Farmer’s markets are great and everywhere! I went to two today. One was a big one on the banks of the Seine next to the Notre Dame with all kinds of gourmet cheese and wine from the South West of France – with free samples! It was great.

Colby6.jpg There are so many things to do in Paris. It’s awesome – I bet you could get off at every metro stop and find a really cool part of Paris. I love exploring the City. I feel like I have seen all of it, but the best part is that I haven’t even gotten close! Paris is beautiful and there are so many hidden neighborhoods to discover. My favorite is to find pretty little parks in areas that are very busy. It’s nice to slow down from the fast-paced city life. I always have a book with me in case I find a nice place to stop while I am exploring the city.

Paris has so much to offer! So much to see! SO many people! Lots of people watching – it’s great just to sit at a cafe and order a cafe creme (coffee with cream) and watch the tons and tons of people in a hurry race by.