P1010017.jpg It is our second day in France and we are in Compiegne, an hour outside of Paris in the countryside. It is very beautiful here with a little village centered around a river and cobblestone alleys. The city itself and the surrounding area hold lots of history from wars and even as far back as the Roman Empire. Today we visited the Roman ruins, including an amphitheater and Roman baths. It was really cool!

P1010039.jpg Yesterday I had THE BEST CROISSANT IN THE WORLD. I started taking pictures of my food, to really look like a tourist. All the food and bread is amazing. We all have had a croissant for breakfast and chocolate croissants for afternoon snacks. It’s a great diet … very nutritious. It’s funny … there are no bread plates in France so at the dinner table I made a huge mess with all of my crumbs from the baguette bread … very American! I just wonder how Frenchies eat all this bread and croissants without making a mess on the table! My goal this semester is to master how to eat the oh so flaky and delicious croissant without a mess … like the French.

P1010070.jpg I am also so excited we got passes to the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay so I can go whenever I want and not wait in lines! How awesome!

Oh, and I am also finding out that smiling at strangers is not good. It is of course nice in the USA, but here it is considered flirting so I need to control the natural nervous tendency I have to smile.

The director of the program was telling us that Parisian waiters at cafes hate humans and to not take it personally if they are rude to you! haha … He said they are even rude to French people, so when you go to have a “cafe” at the cafe, it will be a wonderful Parisian experience to have a rude waiter. A very French experience. I thought that was funny.

Today we had lunch in a park … some of us went to the grocery store and got baguette sandwiches and went to the park for a picnic. It was wonderful 🙂 another great Parisian adventure.