Civil Rights Pilgrimage 2010

During Spring Break 2010, students, faculty and staff are taking an eight-day bus ride to the American South’s civil rights landmarks, with stops in Little Rock, Arkansas; Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama; Jackson and Oxford, Mississippi; and Memphis, Tennessee. They will be led by Ray Jordan of the Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life; Dennis Simon, associate professor of political science in Dedman College; and junior Linwood Fields, a political science and English major who participated in the 2009 pilgrimage.

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Teaching tolerance

Connie.jpg An update from Master of Liberal Studies student Connie:

Today one of our stops was the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was a special visit for me because I have grown up hearing from my mother about how critical the center was in fighting hate, teaching tolerance and seeking justice for past wrongs.

As a dedicated activist for many causes, I always wondered why she was so devoted to this particular organization. I began to understand as I walked through the doors. A moving tribute to those who have fought and died for equal rights, it remains evident that we have more to do. Ironically, as hate and intolerance continue to rise, the need for educational facilities like these are more necessary than ever.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
– The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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