Chrysta%20Brown.jpg An update from Chrysta, a senior dance performance major, with a human rights minor:

I have been on a number of road trips with my family, and the thing that remains constant is I always fall asleep. Old habits die hard, I suppose. I don’t even think I made it out of Dallas. But somewhere in between Texas and our first stop, Texarkana, the magnitude of what I agreed to spend my spring break doing hit me.

This trip would be a little deeper than the elementary school trip to Washington, D.C., or Philadelphia. Even though I was benefiting from the fruits of those struggles, I’m somewhat removed from that history. The history I was about to encounter was still alive and kicking.

We watched a documentary on George Wallace. They said that George Wallace was a regular man who became corrupted by power and greed. They are powerful entities.

I think, or rather I hope, that by educating ourselves about the mistakes of the past we’ll be able to fight them. A world governed and motivated by hatred and immorality just isn’t going to work for me.