An update from Rebecca, who graduated in May with CCPA and sociology degrees:

I am sad that the Taos June term is coming to an end; I don’t want to leave. I guess it probably has something to do with the fact that I am leaving college in addition to Taos – that in a few weeks, I will be home in my apartment in Dallas applying for PR jobs and “settling down.”

But most of my hesitation to re-enter the real world has to do with my appreciation for the culture and lifestyle of New Mexico and Taos specifically. I like the slow pace here. I like that there is a melting pot of culture and idealism; everyone here is unique, and most are forced to be inclusive and open-minded as a result. I like the lack of pretention and materialism – attitudes which are inescapable in Dallas. I love the landscape. The beauty here makes me want to make art and explore nature, and it inspires me to live well and enjoy the better things.

I strongly encourage every SMU student to apply to the Taos program. To be cliche, Taos is good for your soul.