An update from Louis, an environmental studies, finance and economics major:

My experience with Amigos Bravos this summer has been an extremely valuable one that has really helped to shape and explore my desired focus for the future. I planned to come to Taos and work with a conservation group to get a taste for a career in the environmental sector, and wow, did I get more out of the experience than I could have imagined.

The work I did with Amigos Bravos allowed me to see the processes of a nonprofit group “guided by social justice principles and dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s waters,” and just how much passion and dedication goes into that goal.

Prior to beginning the internship, I ignorantly envisioned Amigos Bravos as an organization that picks up trash along the Rio Grande; I was very wrong! Not only does it address current issues concerning water quality in the Rio Grande and all water bodies in the state, it also works to remedy problems in the past that today affect water quality and to prevent possible future complications.

Through the internship, I met many extremely interesting people and saw much of New Mexico that I would not have seen otherwise. I learned not only about the different avenues, countless variables and extremely layered processes of protecting and restoring water-bodies, but also came to develop an appreciation and fascination for northern New Mexico.

In just seven weeks with Amigos Bravos I have developed a new appreciation for the fundamental necessity of water. I have learned more about nonprofits, water quality protection and restoration, made more contacts and friendships, and grown to love the landscape and rivers of New Mexico. This truly is the Land of Enchantment.