An update from Whitney, a CCPA and marketing major, with a minor in art history:

These past two weeks have by far been the busiest I’ve had in a summer. If I’m not at work, I’m dashing around town or on an adventure with my class. So far, work is very exciting and is keeping me very busy. The three exhibits are opening this weekend, so a lot of our energy has been focused on those.

The Taos Pueblo photographs exhibit looks amazing. It’s so cool to see these pictures from the early 20th century of the Pueblo because it shows the Pueblo in a more natural state before it became a tourist attraction. Yesterday, the man who donated these photographs came to the museum and gave the docents a tour. I came along for the tour as well; it was so interesting to listen to him talk about the different methods the photographers used and how he acquired the different photographs.

The Gene Kloss exhibit is also opening this weekend. All of her prints are wonderful depictions of Native American art. The best part is seeing work that you’ve spent weeks doing finally coming to fruition.

One of my primary tasks at work is creating brochures and catalogs for the museum patrons to take with them. Seeing someone browsing over something you’ve created is so rewarding…you actually see your work in use.

The Harwood has also recently announced a call for entries for an upcoming exhibit, New Mexorado, celebrating artists living and working in the Albuquerque-Denver corridor. I’ve spent a lot of my time at work getting the word out. Last week I wrote out a PSA (public service announcement) and sent it to local public radio stations in the “New Mexorado” area, I created a Facebook event and invited local artists, gallery owners, and college art departments, and I wrote a press release that will eventually be sent out to local media.

Whitney%20Williamson%20.jpg Onto the fun stuff…last weekend was a complete whirlwind! On Friday, our class went on a field trip to Santa Fe. We walked around the plaza and explored the city before we stopped at a rooftop pizzeria for lunch.

After we left Santa Fe we went to the church at Chimayo. The church is an extremely spiritual site; every year people make a pilgrimage to Chimayo, and the dirt at Chimayo is said to be healing. People bring containers to scoop dirt into to heal their ailments. It was very moving to see where people have left crutches, braces, photographs, etc. as a testament to being healed.

Next, we headed off to Angel Fire for a relaxing weekend. We cooked steaks and stayed up all night talking. The next day we drove up to the lake at Eagle’s Nest and relaxed in the sun, and were all completely sunburned afterward! We made a quick dinner stop at a local pizza restaurant before heading back home.

This week I returned full speed ahead to work. I can’t believe that this is my last full week in Taos! It’s been so much fun, but I am ready to get back to Dallas to see my friends and family just in time for July 4!