Made it to JFK tonight with little problem negotiating New York traffic.

IMG_0643.jpg After a $10 hamburger, we boarded the plane. Forty years of flying have not erased the novelty of a hundred tons of metal and people leaving the ground. It would have been the case this time as well, had there not been a delay due to weather and long runway lines. The engines stopped, the plane parked, and perhaps a hundred people bound for Cape Town panicked about not only missing their connecting flight in Amsterdam, but more importantly, missing the opening game in the new Green Point stadium.

It’s amazing how 90,000 lbs of thrust per engine can make up for a two-hour rain delay. Relieved, passengers smiled big when our big plane landed a little late, but with plenty of time … to run to the connecting gate. The reward for 20 hours on three heavily populated jets will hopefully be a glimpse of Table Mountain at night.

Next stop: Cape Town International Airport.