An update from Katrina:

Once again I’m being serenaded by Rodrigo’s quintet. The members of the quintet are Ricardo, Ricardo, Francisco y Heraldo. I remembered their names this time!!

I woke up this morning with a black tongue again. Day two of a black tongue. I didn’t care much yesterday because I figured it meant that I had eaten something black and that it was no big deal. When I woke up with it again today I was like SOMETHING IS WRONG. So I Googled “wake up with black tongue” and the first entry there said something about Mexico, and then read that Pepto Bismol will do that to ya. Gee, glad to know. Anyways.

I was definitely hungry for breakfast so I crammed some juevos con queso y frijoles down my throat. We walked to Caritas this morning, and it was a beautiful walk. We got to Caritas and had designated jobs today. Jose y Shnide trabajan en la farmacia; Bernardo y Sanaz trabajen en la oficina; Saira, Tomas y Sarah trabajen en la concina; y Jessica, Jenna y yo trabajamos en la infirmacia (?) con los ninos. That was a great time … They have SO MUCH ENERGY!

Today was really warm too so it was a bit of a chore to work outside. When I say a bit of a chore, I mean that it was just EXHAUSTING to have perfect weather, a light breeze, and sol shining down upon as as screaming, happy children played and we smiled and laughed with them. It was basically perfect. … Now I have to go to bed.

ASB2.png (… Continued on March 15) I don’t remember much else from the day on Tuesday, oddly enough. I think that on Tuesday we went back to La Sopa for lunch, and we looked around in the alley a bit more.

That night we stopped in el parque again, where the protest only lasted for a few minutes (they were dancing again!) and this time Tomas brought a frisbee! At first only Bernardo, Jose, and Tomas were playing, and then the rest of us decided to get involved. We definitely hit a few people with the frisbee since there were a lot of benches around us and we weren’t very good to begin with, but eh, it was all in good fun.

I invited this big soccer team to come and play with us, but they just sat down on the side and watched us.. It was the day that frisbee became a spectator sport! Whoo hooooo! A few guys from elsewhere eventually joined us, and we had a nice game of frisbee. That’s about all I remember from Tuesday. Yay!