Exploring Copenhagen

This was my first week in what will become my “normal” routine. On Monday I am lucky in that I have no classes. I instead spent my day exploring the city that I will be calling home.

picture%201.jpg I took the bus into the city and proceeded to do what all of my professors and administrators have been telling us to do – I went and got lost (photos left and right). I went all over the walking streets and ended up in the largest department store in the city, Magasin. This department store is so big that it even has a metro stop connected to the store basement!

picture%202.jpgI had nothing else to do, so I decided to get on the metro and see where I ended up – which ended up being only one stop, as the next stop was the major stop that I needed to get home.

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday are less exciting in that I had to go to class. Yes, that’s right, I only have class three times a week. No one in DIS has class on Wednesday, as it’s set aside for field trips. My classes are fine so far; I will probably change my mind once papers start piling up.


On Wednesday I had my first field trip. It was with my Nordic Mythology class at the State Museum. I was all ready to go and took my bus into the city and got off at the stop Statens Museum for Kundst.

All seemed to be going well, except I couldn’t see anyone from my class. I waited a while longer – now I was officially late – and called my friend who was in the other section of the same class. She told me that her class was meeting later and that I should just go with them. I waited around and couldn’t get in touch with her when it came time for her class to be going through the museum.

It wasn’t until I called DIS that I found out that I was in the wrong museum. I was at the National Museum, not the State. Not such a good start, but I get to make it up.

Weekend fun

On Friday night I went out with my friends from my kolligium on our planned monthly “family dinners.” It was a lot of fun as we wandered around our area looking for somewhere that wanted 20 Americans to eat there.

picture%203.jpg Saturday I went into the city with some friends to do what girls love best – shopping. Unfortunately Copenhagen is very expensive so I didn”t buy anything. Saturday night we had a party in our kolligium for all of the international students.

Sunday was a big day out as I went to visit Elsrum Abbey (photo left). We went and played medieval games – I even got to joust!! Sadly my team did not win, but we had lots of fun even though it was freezing outside.

Next week I’m off on my short study tour to Jutland! Vi ses hej hej!