Today we started our day by visiting the museum of modern and contemporary art and talked to Milan Knizek. Milan Knizek is another interesting Czech artist. He doesn’t paint or sculpt, but he makes “actions.” Confused? So am I.

It was then time for lunch. We were on our own so we tried to pretend that we were Czech and go to a more local spot. We managed to find a cute cafe and ate some good Czech food.

After lunch we went on a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter. It showed art drawn by Jewish children that had been hidden in a suitcase for years.

Afterward I went off on my own for some quality me time. I, of course, went shopping.

Dinner that night was another interesting choice. We went to the Crown Plaza Hotel, which is the best example of Stalinistic architecture. The meal was buffet style, and it was once again amazing. This was our last night in Prague.