Danes and the snow

As I’ve been told now by every professor and Dane I meet, this winter is the worst Denmark has had since 1999. I know what you’re thinking – lucky me, I get snow days and get to play in the snow. No. Snow days do not exist. Ask the many Danes whom I watch every day struggle riding their bikes to work in the snow, which has now become more of a mix of rain and snow.

The Danes and their bikes are a sight to see. Everyone is on a bike. It’s amazing! They can even talk on their cell phones while riding their bikes! Bikers DO NOT stop for pedestrians, as one friend of mine found out when she got hit by a bike the other week. So my advice for you future SMU-in-Copenhagen students: pay attention to bikes!

Walking: get used to it

There are not that many cars in Copenhagen, because, well, everyone is on a bike. That’s not to say that there are no cars at all, but the city is unlike an American city in that most of the transportation is bike, bus, or your own feet. This becomes more “fun” when you add snow.

picture%207.jpg On Wednesdays – when none of the Americans have class – we like to take walks around the city together. This past week we found ourselves on a lake … literally. There are three lakes that are the barrier between the city and my suburb, Norrbro. The best thing about this cold winter is that for the first time the lakes are frozen enough that people can walk on them! So we managed to amuse ourselves by walking on the lake and taking silly pictures – we even found a couch to sit on.


This past weekend a bunch of us decided to visit a neighbor of Denmark – Sweden. Malmo is a small city but has some really cheap shopping! We had fun just wandering around the city for a day. A tip for Malmo is that it’s cheaper to buy two tickets than one. So get your friends and go in a group!

Well, I’m off to Prague on Saturday – a 17-hour bus ride to get there. I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about when I get back. Vi ses! Hej, Hej!