My last month in Copenhagen went by so fast that I still cannot believe that I am back in the States again – and have been for 2 months! In my last month I was busy writting papers, taking a weekend trip to London, and the ever popular (not) finals week.

Once school was over with, my parents came to visit me in Copenhagen. It was a lot of fun showing my parents where I had gone to school and lived for 4 months. We then took a 2-week vacation in Norway.

The vacation was mainly so that my parents could meet the family I lived with back in 2006. It was so nice for my two sets of parents to finally meet each other! We even got to celebrate Norway’s Independence Day like true Norwegians!

After leaving my family, we went all the way to the top of Norway on the border of Russia and took a boat cruise all the way down to Bergen. It was very relaxing and we got to see the midnight sun!

I feel like I should leave you all with some wisdom about SMU study abroad programs. My advice would be just to go for it! Jump in head-first to the experience and you will have so much fun. It helped to make my SMU experience great, and I am so glad I went! So stop reading my blog and go out into the world and make your own adventure.

Hei Hei! Vi Ses!