We once again started our day with breakfast at the hotel. We then all went to visit Radio Praha. At Radio Praha we got to hear actual audio that was transmitted during the Prague Spring back in 1968. The Prague Spring is when Prague revolted to try to reform the communist system. The Soviet Union, however, came in and put a halt to all rebellion. It wasn’t until 1989 that Czechloslovakia was able to get rid of communism.

pic%203-1.jpg We then split into groups to go on different walking tours. I chose to go on the Art Nouveau tour. The buildings in Prague are gorgeous! I was happy to just wander and look around.

That night we dressed to the nines and had dinner at Municipal House. It was very, very fancy (photo right).

After dinner we went to a concert. It was the best of Czech music. I’m not one to judge classical music, but it was ok. That night we all went out to try to find some Prague nightlife.