Hej, everyone and welcome to my blog! I am new to blogging so bear with me for this first one. I have been in Copenhagen for one week and so far I am having a blast. The weather could be a bit warmer, but, well, this is Scandinavia.


I left Cincinnati on Saturday and got to Newark airport just in time to make my connecting flight to Copenhagen. While waiting for the flight, I was able to see just what I was getting myself into as the whole waiting area was completely taken over by college students. I met some nice people and was able to enjoy my flight, on which I was unable to actually fall asleep.

We arrived bright and early at 7:30 a.m. and were quickly bused over to our orientation spot. We were then given what I thought was the quickest orientation speech ever – it lasted at most 20 minutes. We were then left to hang out and wait for our transportation to our living arrangements.

This semester I am living in a Kollegium – it’s pretty much a single dorm but I have my own kitchenette and bathroom. Everyone that I have met so far in my Kollegium is really cool, so I’m pretty excited about this semester so far.

Real orientation

Monday through Wednesday we finally got most of the information we needed – like where to get our bus pass and our 4-hour survival Danish classes.

On Wednesday we were sent out on a citywide scavanger hunt. I have never had so much fun wandering around lost. I was in a group with five boys, so naturally they felt the need to be boys and lead, and also never felt the need to stop and ask for directions when we were lost.

My only regret is that at the start of the hunt, my camera battery died, so I have no pictures to post yet on the blog! Though if you happen to have a brouchure from ISI you may just see my photo (they needed to make the picture look “more busy” so they asked us to pretend to walk by while they photographed the CEO).


So since I am in Copenhagen to study, I should talk about classes a bit. I have only had one day of each class, so it’s still early, but I am looking forward to my classes – especially my Danish class where we get to go on some really cool field trips! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Vi Ses! Hej Hej.