At 9:45 am our class arrived in Prague. We got to eat breakfast at our hotel and put our bags down. There was no resting, however, as the day was fully planned by our teacher Brian and intern Amelia.

We started by going on a 2-hour walk of the city, during which we would stop and the students would give presentations on certain historical or cultural events. I was in a group with two other girls, and we presented on the Jewish Quarter in Prague.

After we finished our presentations we were given free time until dinner. I walked around with friends, and we ended up getting pretty lost, causing us to not be able to eat lunch or really relax any before dinner.

Before dinner we met with two Czech women who were there to tell us more about Czech culture today. It was very interesting, even if we were really too tired to talk much.

They then took us to a restaurant outside the city. This all seemed to be great at first. Unfortunately the small restaurant was not ready for 33 Americans – there was only one chef and one waitress. The dinner came to be called the 4-hour dinner as it took that long for any food to be produced. Every trip has its bumps, and we were all still in good spirits for the rest of the night.