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Alex, a junior international studies major with minors in Italian in Dedman College, is participating in SMU-in-Copenhagen in spring 2010. She will be studying European culture and history at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad and plans to take a study tour to Prague, Czech Republic.

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Art controversies and great food

We started our day with breakfast at the hotel. We then drove out to the Meetfactory to see the work of David Cerny. David Cerny is an artist whose biggest goal is to annoy people and make them think. He is the creator of the large babies placed on the Prague TV tower. We saw some of the molds for the babies, their faces are barcodes – creepy. David Cerny fancies himself as a bad boy; I would describe him as a Mick Jagger artist.

Afterward we went to lunch at one of the most gorgeous hotels in Prague. It was all art nouveau. Czech food is amazing – very rich, but very tasty! We were then given the rest of the day to ourselves.

pic%201.jpg I went with friends up to the Prague Castle, which had a great view of the city (photo left).

pic%202.jpgAgain we hit a block when we found out that the castle was actually closed on Mondays. We did manage to get into the cathedral, which was just as cool (photo right).

I then went with just three others to see “Entropa.” “Entropa” is a sculpture by David Cerny. It was made to poke fun at all the members of the EU. It made a lot of countries very upset – just Google it and you’ll see what I mean. That night we went out for Lil’s birthday at a vegetarian restaurant.

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