Sommer and Lindsey in Romania

Sommer and Lindsey are traveling to Romania for two weeks in summer 2009 to report on the status of orphanages, 20 years after the fall of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Their project is partially funded by a Meadows Exploration Award. Sommer ’08 graduated in December with degrees in journalism from Meadows School of the Arts and history from Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. Lindsey is a senior marketing major in Cox School of Business and a photojournalist.

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The baby bite

An update from Lindsey on their site Romania Revisited:


This is probably my favorite story from the trip. Sommer and I spent one morning at a baby hospital. While we were there, Sommer put down her pen and paper for a little bit (slacker!) to interact with the toddlers. (I guess they are kind of difficult to interview. I was still working, though.)

Here’s how the attack went down. I’m taking pics of other toddlers in the room when all of a sudden I hear Sommer yell out the name of the Romanian caregiver that visits the hospital every morning to help the nurses take care of the children.

“Rodica! Rodica!”

I look across the room and see Sommer pointing with one hand to a child that is biting her shoulder while her other hand is holding the toddler. Being the good friend I am, I burst out laughing. Sommer, why didn’t you pull the child away from you? I know, I know, you thought a chunk of your shoulder would’ve gone with the toddler if you pulled her off of you.

Too bad I had the 10-22mm lens on my camera. Would’ve made a great photo. But I did get the some shots of the damage.


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