An update from Outdoor Adventures on their Summer 2009 trips and Fall 2009 schedule:

Hilltop.jpg Photos are posted of SMU’s first Hilltop Scholars Program Expedition, a six-day summer backpacking trip in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range of New Mexico.

Eighteen students from across the country drove to SMU-in-Taos on July 19, then entered the backcountry on July 20. For six days, they faced personal and physical challenges; experienced and overcame the out-of-control; laughed and maybe even cried; felt exultation, fear, humility, and gratitude; gained friendship; built community; made discoveries, became self-aware, experienced nature; witnessed beauty and danger; and created memories.

On July 25, 18 very different individuals emerged from the wilds. Now they were a group of SMU Hilltop Scholars.

Some comments from participants after the trip:

“If you want to experience amazing views, become a leader at SMU before even stepping on campus, and make great new friends, this is the place to go. Be ready for a challenge, a challenge that I enjoyed every step of the way … WOOOOOOOT!”

“This trip made me push myself outside of my comfort zone, emotionally and physically. But that made the reward all the greater, especially while getting to know and make friends with great students and faculty.”

“This trip has helped me realize that my first year in college is going to be an exciting time full of friendship and adversity, and that fighting through challenges with friends is so much better than being alone on the journey.”

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