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Ten students in SMU’s Model United Nations program participated in the World Model U.N. 2009 Conference in March in The Hague, Netherlands. The SMU delegation was assigned to represent the Vatican at the conference, where students from more than 40 countries debated and discussed world issues facing the U.N. system.

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Closing ceremonies

An update from Kathleen, an international studies major who served on the Model U.N. Disarmament and Security Committee:

Kathleen1.JPG Today was the final official conference day. We went to have falafel for lunch, which was AMAZING, and inspired us to plan a falafel-making experiment as soon as we return to Dallas!Just another reason I could call this city home – politics, law and falafel.

The closing ceremonies were kind of sad; as it came to me that this was my last MUN conference. I realized that I would be graduating and my long-lived MUN career was coming to an end.

Overall the quality of the conference was fantastic. I had an amazing time and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to come here!

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