Sh-DSC02695-400.jpgToday was another amazing day. I woke up early again and rode the 8 am train to Norreport by myself to challenge myself to find my way and not be afraid of getting lost. I did it!

Our introductory Danish lesson, “Survival Danish,” was intimidating. The pronunciation and letter combinations don’t make sense, and the alphabet seems almost unnatural, even though most of the letters are the same. We did go to the supermarket to identify the Danish/English translations of words – that was incredibly helpful!

Sh-DSC02697-400.jpgWe also went on a scavenger hunt of the city – I wore entirely the wrong outfit: my tights, brown knit dress, high heeled boots … and I picked up my textbooks before the tour began.

SH-DSC02663-400.jpgThe scavenger hunt took us all over, including to the Black Diamond, the Queen’s Mansion and courtyard (complete with guards – I got a picture with them!), Parliament, the largest cathedral in Copenhagen, and to Magasin, the largest department store in Copenhagen. The tour was a fabulous opportunity to explore the city.

At the “Immerse Yourself” Fair, I got some good information about potential local dance and fitness classes, as well as information about student bartending opportunities. Lots of exciting opportunities!

Sh-DSC02717-400.jpgTonight was the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Tim, Mitch, a few other friends and I went to dinner at a deli, and then to the speech at a bar. The majority of people at the bar were individuals of African origin. It was neat to see how excited and passionate they were about change and the new presidency. As they explained, America’s economy significantly affects the entire world’s economy, so our hardship contributes to the extended network of hardship. It was really neat, though! We stood up for the “Star-Spangled Banner.” One of the women asked if we were American, and when we said yes, the whole bar stood up alongside us for our National Anthem. The experience was very moving for the sheer passion and enthusiasm expressed across cultures.

Sh-DSC02644-400.jpgMy Polish friend, Szymon, helped me set up my Internet connection. After, Szymon, Tomasz, Anna, Jakub, Jill, Carly, Rodrigo, and I played charades. Later, I joined Mitch and Tim to watch the movie Defiance. What a fun day!