Orientation Day! I couldn’t sleep, perhaps due to jet lag or anticipatory excitement. I woke up around midnight and facebook-ed and skype-ed for a bit before forcing myself to go back to bed.
In the morning, I made it downstairs just in time for the hotel’s breakfast buffet. It was expensive, so I took some food to go (a common college practice, which is not so common in Denmark). I got a few “looks” and was a bit embarrassed, but I didn’t take a ton and I did pay for it!

Tim, my IU friend, and I took a cab to the University of Copenhagen. The driver was really friendly. He actually stayed at the kollegium we are living in about 10 years ago.

Check-in was bustling with activity!

Getting on the bus to the kollegiums was a nightmare. I ended up helping the bus driver rearrange bags so we could fit them all under the bus and in the small trailer attached to it. Somehow they all fit!

Our kollegium is modest, but a lot more spacious than I expected! My power was out in my room when I moved in (there was a problem with the electrical fuses), so I hung out with Tim until someone came down to fix it for me.

I met some really nice Polish guys at the local supermarket – Szymon and Michael. I think that they found it amusing to see the herd of American students trampling through the store.

The DIS and our kollegium hosted a dinner party for us – pizza, interesting-tasting soda, and beer for a relatively cheap price. I met a ton of really neat people – DIS students and more Polish students.

I was the last girl in the bar (as one of the only people who arrived early and was not jet lagged), so I ended up talking to the bartender. That’s a story in and of itself!

I also made a point to wander around my block, and I met a bunch of cool people in the kitchens. There’s already talk of us going out dancing or partying, so I could have a very interesting social life very soon.