I woke up around 12:15 pm today to the housekeeper knocking on and opening my door. That was quite the surprise! (I was up really late trying to combat jet lag, and slept through my alarm!) I took my time getting ready and did some emailing before I hit the streets – this time without a map!

I did some serious window-shopping until I came to a shoe store that had a ton of boots. I found a pair of flat black boots that fit and were on sale. Everything is EXPENSIVE in Denmark, but the sales only last through January, so this was my self-proclaimed only purchase! I must say, they have proved since to be a great purchase. Fashionable, weather-resistant and not bad when walking long distances.

While I was paying, my friend from Indiana called. (We both arrived early and were staying in the same hotel, so we connected over Facebook before we left). We met up at the hotel, and then embarked on a night of wandering around Copenhagen. We ate pizza at a tiny restaurant we discovered, and then walked around until we began to freeze.

We ducked into a quaint, old English-inspired bar and talked for a long time. Five people stumbled in and sat across from us a little later looking very American (the Hollister sweatshirt one guy was wearing was our biggest clue!). They were also DIS students staying at a hostel nearby. We had a great time – it was really nice to meet people and start building some friendships.