I thought the day would never arrive. After waking up altogether too early to accomplish that seemingly endless list of things you remember you must accomplish at the last minute, the time came to depart for D/FW airport. Mom, Dad, and Trigg escorted me downtown to Terminal D, the site of International flights. Saying goodbye was definitely bittersweet. I’ve been planning my trip to Copenhagen for a year now, but at the moment of departure the gravity of leaving sets in. I’ve had very little experience traveling long distances, so leaving behind everything I know was both exhilarating and frightening!

Now, I am sitting on Flight 192 to London. I’m taking two flights to Copenhagen via British Airways: D/FW to London-Heathrow and London to Copenhagen-Kastrup. The British flight attendants are incredibly nice and efficient – perhaps more so due to the nature of their accents. But we are kept well fed and entertained – with the exception of the child a few rows in front of me who won’t stop crying and the line for the lavatory that has been in a constant state of existence since the “fasten seat-belts” light went off. I think we’re scheduled to arrive at 7:40 am London time…but from what I understand, it’ll be somewhere in the 11 pm-1 am range Dallas time. Perfect breakfast time, eh?

Well, since it’s supposed to be night, I’m going to try to sleep. It’s 7:50 pm Dallas time. This will officially be the earliest I’ve gone to bed since Elementary School. The lights just went off in the cabin, so it’s official. Goodnight!