Shelby in Copenhagen

Shelby is a junior President’s Scholar majoring in dance and psychology. In Spring 2009, she is taking classes at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in affiliation with the University of Copenhagen and also will be taking dance classes at Dansens Hus professional training school.

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An evening at the theatre

Today I went to the Royal Danish Ballet’s performance of Romeo and Juliet. After 4DSC02829-300.jpgpm the day of the show, the Royal Theatre offers any unsold tickets for half price. I arrived at the theatre around 7 pm, and purchased a ticket for 98 Kr – approximately $20. My seat was in the top balcony, but not bad for the price. (Honestly, I think the show would be breathtaking from any seat in the theatre!)

The Royal Theatre embodied the classical image of the theatre: warm, expansive, ornate, and breathtakingly majestic.

The ballet, Romeo and Juliet, was truly spectacular. None of the videos I watched in Dance History truly captured the beauty and spectacle of a live performance. Yes, I have an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the Bournonville technique and the biedermeier sensibility that is characteristic of the Danish ballet. However, the finesse of the dancers’ technique, the clarity of the transitions, the cleanliness of their lines, and the precision and unity of the corps de ballet was unbelievable! This was honestly one of the best and most unforgettable experiences I have had in Denmark so far!

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