Shelby in Copenhagen

Shelby is a junior President’s Scholar majoring in dance and psychology. In Spring 2009, she is taking classes at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in affiliation with the University of Copenhagen and also will be taking dance classes at Dansens Hus professional training school.

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Al the Snowman

I received the most wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise from Trigg today – a custom-designed, pink and silver SigEp t-shirt! There is nothing that makes you feel quite so special than a personal touch from home!

Today, I returned home from class in the early afternoon with my friend Shea. Then186601278_30429127_7469748-300.jpgpast two or three days, it had been snowing (rather uncharacteristically) in Denmark, and the ground was covered with a fine white powder. Just after arriving home, I received a call from Szymon inviting me to a snowman building and snowball fighting party. A large number of my friends from my kollegium were present: Szymon, Shea, Marcel, Philip, Marek, Mae, Tomasz, Mical, and a couple other girls. Later, Maria, Rodrigo, and Jesus joined us for a bit.

Shea and I made a small snowwoman outside Marcel’s window. Then, we joined the group in creating a large snowman, named Albert, after Albertslund. Al turned out to be taller and wider than me! This certainly beat the eight-inch tall snowman I so fondly made with my brother and sister as a child in Texas!

We then moved downstairs between the first block and the laundry room to a large, untouched snowy patch for the snowball fight to begin. I was an easy target and quickly became soaked – especially because I was the last girl left by the end of the fight!

After getting cleaned up and into dry clothes (my new shirt!), I met up with some of the group to drink coffee, do some homework, and watch TV. It was the perfect conclusion to a fun afternoon!

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