I received the most wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise from Trigg today – a custom-designed, pink and silver SigEp t-shirt! There is nothing that makes you feel quite so special than a personal touch from home!

Today, I returned home from class in the early afternoon with my friend Shea. Then186601278_30429127_7469748-300.jpgpast two or three days, it had been snowing (rather uncharacteristically) in Denmark, and the ground was covered with a fine white powder. Just after arriving home, I received a call from Szymon inviting me to a snowman building and snowball fighting party. A large number of my friends from my kollegium were present: Szymon, Shea, Marcel, Philip, Marek, Mae, Tomasz, Mical, and a couple other girls. Later, Maria, Rodrigo, and Jesus joined us for a bit.

Shea and I made a small snowwoman outside Marcel’s window. Then, we joined the group in creating a large snowman, named Albert, after Albertslund. Al turned out to be taller and wider than me! This certainly beat the eight-inch tall snowman I so fondly made with my brother and sister as a child in Texas!

We then moved downstairs between the first block and the laundry room to a large, untouched snowy patch for the snowball fight to begin. I was an easy target and quickly became soaked – especially because I was the last girl left by the end of the fight!

After getting cleaned up and into dry clothes (my new shirt!), I met up with some of the group to drink coffee, do some homework, and watch TV. It was the perfect conclusion to a fun afternoon!