Today was the first day of technical rehearsal for the show. Rehearsal began at 12 p.m. and lasted until 10 p.m. Technical rehearsal is when elements of lighting, costume, sound and other special effects all start to come together.

The day before, everyone tried on their costumes, and the director, Christopher Carlos, and costume designer, Halei Pritchard decided whether any alterations needed to be made. This is called the costume parade.

Today, we went through the entire show incorporating lighting as designed by Emily Bean. We also started to experiment with special effects designed by Cameron Cobb for the fake blood that would be used in the show. This came in the form of “blood packs,” where the fake blood is wrapped in a plastic bag that can be broken to give a splattering effect.

There are also other points in the show that use the fake blood through different methods. It was interesting, actually, using all of these technical elements, as you have to adjust to these additions while also trying to keep your performance as truthful as possible.

The rest of this week will be dedicated to continually teching and running through the show. Thursday, April 16, is a preview for the show, while Friday, April 17, is opening night!